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UV-Vis Spectrophotometers  
LabTech's UV Power UV-Vis spectrophotometers are the core of powerful UV-Visible systems for the diverse needs and suitable for pharmaceutical, biochemical and clinical lab applications as well as routine applications such as quantitative analyses, kinetics, spectrum scanning, and multiple component analysis.
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UV1000/2000 Series
LabTech's UV1000/2000 range of UV-Vis spectrophotometers has been synonymous with excellence and high performance. The range is ideal for use as your own primary reference UV-Vis spectrophotometer in routine laboratories where reliability and ease of use are vital.
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BlueStar Series
The BlueStar Series spectrophotometer is the core of powerful UV-Visible systems for the diverse needs of analysts in routine QA/QC, research, and method development labs. The spectrophotometer offers – fast scanning, excellent sensitivity, exceptional ruggedness and reliability, minimum maintenance, and excellent optical performance. A wavelength range of 190 to 1100 nm with a wavelength accuracy of ±0.3nm and less than 0.05 % stray light is standard.
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P600 high pressure liquid pump
Sealed design for dustproof operation. Special servo motor with CPLD control technique, providing high accuracy, long duration, and low noise. 10 ml or 50 ml of pump head are optional. The standard on-line plunger cleaning. Unique flow calibration and auto-compensation technique.
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UV600 UV detector
Compact Carl Zeiss optical platform. High sensitivity, extremely low noise and drift. Adapted to different flow cell and can be connected with optical fiber. Programmable automatic change of wavelength, wihich increases the selectivity and sensitivity. Automatic wavelength calibration. Can do stop-flow scan for qualitative and purity analysis.
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Chromatography workstation
Convenient counter-control function, you can easily control the pump and detector. The digital signal collecting technique is more accurate than analog signal collecting method. With powerful data processing function, you can easily complete various complicated arithmetic, such as grouping, multi-internal standard, multi-point calibration of internal standard, exponent, subtraction, etc..
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LabTech chromatography column and accessories
Sweden Kromasil high pure silica packings and high quality 316L stainless steel column. Due to optimized packing technique, the column efficiency is over 70,000 and with high symmetry. Strict quality inspection guarantees the reproductivity of columns and batches. We supply the highest quality products for your analysis.
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Chillers and Circulators  
H50 series
H50 series water recirculating chillers are designed for medium or small equipments, providing precise temperature control for distillation, mini-laser and vacuum system, etc. H50 series has passed the CE certificate.
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H150 series
H150 series water recirculating chillers are widely used with large equipments, providing precise temperature control for AAS , ICP, ICP-MS, laser equipments, electron microscopy , mechanic machine and so on. H150 series has passed the CE certificate.
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Sample Preparation Systems  
After introducing the first ED36 Digital Block Sample Digestion System successfully in 2005, LabTech launched a series of DigiBlock, including ED16, ED54, EHD20, and EHD36. DigiBlock is accepted and used in EPA Methods (i.e. 200.2, 200.7, 200.8, 200.9, 245.1, 365.1, 3010a, 3020b, 3050b, and 3060).
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Temperature Control Hot Plates  
The series of EH and EG temperature controllable, digital display hotplate is an electric heating product and specially designed for laboratory applications. It's a good assistant for heating digestion, evaporation and acid distillation, and fully satisfy the heating requirements of different laborotaries.
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Vacuum Pumps  
VP series dry piston vacuum pumps feature oil-free economical alloy aluminum design. Oil-free design makes dry piston vacuum pumps ideal for non-corrosive applications. It can be used in a multitude of applications for vacuum generation in laboratories and institutes, such as vacuum filtration, vacuum degassing, vacuum impregnation, vacuum drying chambers, rotary evaporators, distillation, gel dryers, and gas analytical systems.
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Magnetic Stirrers  
The ES series hotplate magnetic stirrers are designed to provide users with a high quality, low cost heating/stirring system for routine applications.The low profile case construction is carefully designed to ensure that any spillage is prevented from affecting the performance of the unit. The robust cast plinth will withstand the most severe handling. Standard laboratory scaffolding is to be used in conjunction with the unit.
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Rotary Evaporators  
EV series rotary evaporator, combined with LabTech chiller and vacuum pump, provides a total solution package to customers who want to have an efficient, fast and gentile way of separating liquids. The rotary evaporator uses a rotating flask to maintain effective heat transfer for fast evaporation and prevent local overheating, leading to smooth mixing of the content.
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Atomic Fluorescence Spec-tromemter  
Suitable for monitoring and analyzing 12 trace elements: As, Sb, Bi, Ge, Sn, Pb,Se, Te, Zn, Cd, Hg, Au. Four-lamp position design, automatic and intelligent operation. Double-channel testing simultaneously. 130-position auto-sampler for higher efficiency and better reproducibility. Patented dual-pump intermittent flow injection system, eliminating cross interference between samples, maintaining stable condition, saving reagent and auto-cleaned on line. Efficient swirling flow type separation device that promotes complete chemical reaction. Non-dispersion optical system with short focal length that effectively avoids refraction. Large scale integrated chip, stable circuit, and on-line upgrades.
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Solvent Filters Lab Tech, Inc  
Syringe Filter
A complete line of disposable syringe filter devices designed to provide fast and efficient filtration of aqueous and organic solutions. They are made of different membranes for specific needs with a polypropylene housing, manufactured using the most advanced methods and design features available today. These syringe filters are ideal for applications in pharmaceutical, environmental, biotechnology, food/beverage and agricultural testing laboratories. Syringe filters are composed of a pure polypropylene housing, and are heat sealed without using glues or sealants.
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Filter Membrane
The microporous membrane filter is mainly used for the filtration of mobile phase and samples during the chromatographic analysis, especially for preventing chromatographic column and infusion pump line system and sample valve from pollution. They are widely used for gravimetric analysis, microanalysis, colloid separation and sterility test. The filer membranes made of different materials, such as polyethesulfone, nylon6, estron and polytetrafluoroethylene, are provided.
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