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Fume Hood Monitors  
AFA 500
The AFA 500 displays a green light when face velocity is in the user-defined acceptable range and a red light and audible alarm when it drops below the alarm set point.
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AFA 1000/1
The AFA 1000/1 features a digital display that provides a continuous face velocity reading as well as visual air flow status in addition to the red LED alarm light and horn.
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AFA 1000/2
The AFA 1000/2 is similar to the AFA 1000/1. The difference is three extra buttons on the front keypad that act as power switches for external equipment, such as a fan, light, scrubber or emergency purge. The buttons can be interlocked to each other.
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Flush mount or surface mount
Our range of Fume Hood monitors are available in two formats: MK3: This version is semi-flush mounting and will fit into a standard U.S. power socket cut out 3 inches tall by 2 inches wide. MK2: This version is flush mounting but requires a larger cut out of 4.65 inches tall by 3.35 inches wide.
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Sash proximity sensor
Any of the TEL air flow monitors for fume hoods can be connected to a sash proximity sensor. When the sash is raised to or above the sensor height, the monitor will enter alarm mode. The user determines the sensor height on each fume hood.
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Room Pressure Monitors and Controls  
TEL room pressure monitors and controls are engineered to help facilities meet laboratory and cleanroom design standards such as those set forth in USP 797.
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VAV Fume Hood Controls  
A VAV fume hood control system from TEL automatically controls exhaust and supply air for fume hoods to maximize energy cost savings while maintaining safety for hood operators.
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Commercial Kitchen Hood Controls  
In addition to laboratory safety equipment, TEL has developed a controller for commercial kitchen exhaust hoods and air supply fans with a goal of maximizing energy efficiency.
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